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Welcome to sos_rating! I, lady_agrias,
am the creator/moderator/whatever of this community, and hagane_bean is my lovely co-mod. Be nice to us. D:

No flaming or being generally stupid. :|

2) Please fill out the ENTIRE application, and please describe yourself
as well

as possible so you can get an accurate rating!

3) You have to be a member to post.

4) You can still post an application if you haven't voted for anyone,
but PLEASE vote. D: We don't want it to take forever and ever and ever
just for people to be able to get their stamp!

5) Put "You do it, Kyon" in the subject so that I know you actually
bothered to read the rules >:[

6) ALL applications MUST be under a Livejournal cut.

7) If you'd like to be restamped, please wait at least a week after you
get your first stamp.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me @ deechan at gmail
dot com.

Once again, no flaming or being generally stupid.

2) Put your final vote in bold.

3) If you can, put a little reasoning behind your vote.

(Note: A specific rating system hasn't been established yet-- we're on a bit of a "You'll get stamped when we think you're ready to be stamped" kinda thing. XD;; )

Make sure you post it at sos_rating and not
your own LJ!